Mediapro Studio, A Contracorriente Bow ‘El 47’ International Teaser

Mediapro Studio, A Contracorriente Bow ‘El 47’ International Teaser


The Mediapro Studio’s “El 47,” the rousing true story of “a man, a bus and a neighborhood’s fate,” bows its official international teaser in Variety.

Helmed by multi-Goya award-winner Marcel Barrena (“Mediterraneo”), it follows bus driver Manolo Vital who is frustrated with the Barcelona City Council’s claim that public transport cannot reach the Torre Baró district due to narrow and unsafe roads. He seizes control of the route 47 bus to prove them wrong.

Many Torre Baró residents participated as extras, having witnessed or been related to those who experienced Vital’s 1978 challenge, showcasing the neighborhood’s unity and pride.

Shot in sepia tones, the drama, co-penned by Barrena and Alberto Marini (“The Stranger”), features a stellar cast led by Eduard Fernández, winner of three Goya awards, a San Sebastian Silver Shell and three Malaga Festival Silver Biznagas, along with Clara Segura, a Goya nominee for “Creatura.”

The rest of the cast include Zoe Bonafonte (“Escándalo”), Salva Reina (“Iron Reign”), Carlos Cuevas (“Merlí: Sapere aude”), Oscar de la Fuente (“The Good Boss”), Vicente Romero (Intemperie, Express), Betsy Túrnez (“The One-Eyed King”) and Aimar Vega (“Los pequeños amores”).

It also features a special appearance by David Verdaguer, winner of Goya awards for “Summer 1993” and “Jokes & Cigarettes.”

Verdaguer will star in the upcoming eight-part series “El Mal” (“Quiet”) that the Spanish film & TV giant presented at MipTV. Mediapro announced at the TV confab that it had joined forces with Catalan pubcaster 3Cat and its online platform to co-produce the thriller series, also based on a true story, about a serial killer terrorizing the streets of locked-down Barcelona during the height of the pandemic in March-April, 2020.

“El 47” was made in association with Movistar Plus+, with support from the ICEC, the participation of RTVE and 3Cat, as well as Triodos Bank and with ICO financing. The Mediapro Studio Distribution handles international sales. A Contracorriente releases “El 47” in Spanish cinemas on Sept. 6.

Last May, The Mediapro Studio launched its new U.S. headquarters in Los Angeles to amp up its  U.S. and English-language production for the U.S. and international market.




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