Donald Trump GoFundMe To Pay $355M Fine Reaches $500K After 3 Days

Donald Trump GoFundMe To Pay $355M Fine Reaches $500K After 3 Days


Donald Trump‘s fundraiser to pay his $355 million New York fraud trial fine has exceeded half a million in donations.

The fundraiser was launched on GoFundMe hours after the verdict came as an act of defiance to what MAGA supporters perceived was an aberration of justice.

The billionaire mogul also took to social media to slam the judge and prosecutors on the case, calling them “corrupt” and “crooked.”

Over 10,000 People Have Donated To The Donald Trump MAGA Fundraiser

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Trump’s GoFundMe has raced past the $500k mark just three days after Elena Cardone, the wife of real estate mogul Grant Cardone, created it.

Elena tagged the page with the words “Stand with Trump; Fund the $355M Unjust Judgment,” referencing the fine slammed on Trump in his New York fraud trial for falsely inflating the value of his assets in financial documents.

Several ardent supporters of Trump donated $500, and some have given as much as $10,000. Since its launch, over 10,000 donations have been made, and more individuals are expected to join the league of MAGA donors in the coming days.

As seen in the fund’s title, it would be used to pay for the fine if Trump’s potential appeal of the verdict at the appellate court fails to overturn the current ruling.

Donald Trump’s GoFundMe Received Mixed Reactions On Social Media

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While MAGA supporters fully supported the creation of the GoFundMe page, some individuals slammed it, saying Trump and his family had enough money to pay the fine.

An individual remarked, “His daughter and son-in-law have 2 billion. Let them bail him out.”

Another person said, “What balls. He’s a billionaire with a freaking private 747 jet. He can liquidate some assets. Stop trying to make people living paycheck to paycheck to pay his bills.”

One more user wrote, “Since Trump said Mar-a-lago is worth $1.5 billion, he should sell that, pay off the fines, and pocket the difference. It’s a clown move to GoFundMe for a guy who claims he’s a billionaire.”

Some other social media users also called out GoFundMe, saying that the fundraiser violates their policy. In response to the callouts, Jalen Drummond, the director of public affairs at the company, told Newsweek, “This fundraiser is currently within our terms of service.”

GoFundMe Won’t ‘Pay Off’ The Interest On Donald Trump’s Fine

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Despite how impressive the fundraiser has been, an expert tagged it a futile effort, saying it won’t even pay off the interest on the fine.

“It’s notable that it has raised less than $0.5m in three days. That won’t even cover the interest he owes,” University of Surrey American politics lecturer Dr. Mark Shanahan told Newsweek in an interview.

He added, “While any decision on whether he has to pay up could well be held up in the appeals process is Trump’s lawyers can find sufficient reason to persuade the judiciary to return his cases to court—by no means a given—he will still have to deposit much of what he owes in escrow. He’ll need much more than faithful MAGAs to meet the court’s demands.”

Trump is expected to pay a nine percent interest rate on the sum of damages as mandated by the state of New York. Additionally, per a pre-trial ruling on the case, the fine “will continue to increase every single day” until Trump complies.

The Ex-President Called Judge Engoron ‘Crooked’ Over The $355M Verdict

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Following the verdict,  Trump took to his Truth social media to slam Arthur Engoron, the judge on the case, and Letitia James, the New York Attorney General. He called Engoron “crooked” and described James as “corrupt.”

He also said that the verdict was an “unAmerican judgment against” him, his family, and his “tremendous business,” adding that the “radicals are doing all they can to kick” him out.

In a separate post, he went on to allege that the ruling was a case of “election interference” and” witching hunting.”

As part of the verdict, Trump was also barred for three years from taking up any top post in any New York corporation or legal entity within the state. His sons Eric and Donald Jr., who were also indicted in the case, were fined more than four million dollars each, along with a two-year business ban.




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