Safe Working Environment: Safe Working, Well-Protected

Safe Working Environment: Safe Working, Well-Protected


Whether your new office is at home, you have a traditional office in your company or a combination of the two, security is paramount everywhere, especially in times of global uncertainty caused by cyber-attacks. Whether your new office is at home, you have a traditional office in your company or a combination of the two, security is paramount everywhere, especially in times of global uncertainty caused by cyber-attacks and COVID-19.

Cybersecurity has increased its importance for employers and employees in light of the pandemic. It’s not just working from home that requires new and improved security measures; the concept of safety in the workplace must more deeply permeate all corporate cultures everywhere. Therefore, cybersecurity, protection against intrusions, an intrinsically safe working environment, and responsible health protection are crucial and current issues.

Cybersecurity In The Office And At Home: Thanks To The 360-Degree Security Concept

As shown in the figure, Konica Minolta offers small and medium-sized companies a complete package for security and cybersecurity: comprehensive information security and cybersecurity with all effective technological measures from a single source. IT security, print device security, and video security are essential.

The focus is on high-level individual consultancy and, based on this, customized security solutions capable of guaranteeing the ideal protection of every office and working environment. With Konica Minolta’s support, employers and employees get the IT protection and physical and digital security solutions they need to be ready and secure for the future.

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Manage Activities Securely To Defend Against Cyber Attacks

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, the number of employees working from home has rapidly increased. However, according to data from the international consultancy firm IDC, most companies cannot guarantee remote access via VPN, which offers a secure and encrypted connection to the company’s internal network, which represents an ideal environment for hacker attacks. What can be done to reduce this risk and ensure greater cybersecurity?

Does your company already take the necessary measures to manage this situation? If not, Konica Minolta offers a secure solution that includes VPN: Workplace Hub: An IT platform primarily aimed at companies that need more money for data centers or their high-end IT infrastructure. Workplace Hub has cybersecurity services such as firewalls, and small businesses, in particular, can benefit from a secure VPN, which is equally essential when working from home.

Companies can migrate their IT infrastructure to Workplace Hub while preparing it for the cloud. So, every employee or employer can access the entire IT infrastructure while working from home or traveling as if they were in the office. At the same time, the security of the company network is ensured. Hard to imagine? Check out some exciting success stories here.

Know-How: Systematic Elimination And Consolidation Of Virtual Weak Points

The main target of cyber attacks is always the end user: people, employees, and employers.” Security experts know that, on average, companies only report being the victim of an attack after about a hundred days. This is why it is essential to adopt so-called incident response procedures. With weak point analysis and penetration testing, Konica Minolta supports small and large companies in data and information protection by exposing IT security gaps and eliminating them by taking appropriate security measures. Safety.

This includes technological measures and training courses in which colleagues and employees receive targeted training on possible attack points and the correct behaviors to adopt. Another important consideration in a holistic approach to security is that SMBs in the workplace represent potential gateways for cyber attacks due to their connection to the network. The cutting-edge antivirus protection solution BitDefender, integrated into the firmware, monitors all scanned transferred files and documents in real-time, recognizes the presence of viruses and malware, and sends a report immediately. This enables manual scanning while preventing the spread of viruses to other PCs and servers.

Physical Security: Theft And Fire Protection For A Safe Working Environment

However, it is not only virtual dangers that threaten essential company values, employees, and employers. Physical dangers and crimes such as intrusions, vandalism, or fires and the related approach are risks that should undoubtedly be integrated into any workplace safety concept in the form of protective measures against theft and fire.

MOBOTIX intelligent thermal cameras, for example, use thermal imaging technology to contribute to early fire detection and fire protection significantly. They promptly detect the presence of fires or overheated machines in the production area by automatically activating the alarm. All buildings, offices, and the area surrounding the company require an anti-theft protection system and should be adequately secured. Smart cameras also significantly contribute to perimeter protection, a technical term for protecting the area surrounding a building or facility.

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