AI simulates Anthony Joshua vs Otto Wallin with referee forced to intervene after ‘barrage of body shots’

AI simulates Anthony Joshua vs Otto Wallin with referee forced to intervene after ‘barrage of body shots’


ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE has predicted the outcome of Anthony Joshua’s blockbuster clash with Otto Wallin.

The two heavyweights will come face-to-face on Saturday in a huge Saudi Arabia showdown.

Anthony Joshua is set to face Otto Wallin on Saturday


Anthony Joshua is set to face Otto Wallin on SaturdayCredit: PA

Joshua, 34, is eyeing a third win in a row after consecutive defeats toĀ reigning champion Oleksandr Usyk.

Meanwhile 33-year-old Wallin, who left Tyson Fury needing 47 stitches four years ago, has won each of his last six fights.

A win for AJ could see him elevated into a mandatory position to fight for the IBF title.

It could also line up a future bout with Deontay Wilder, who is set to fight Joseph Parker in Saturday’s co-main event.

With plenty at stake on the ‘Day of Reckoning’, artificial intelligence system ChatGPT has predicted exactly what will happen in each round.

Round 1

The bell rings, and both fighters cautiously step into the centre of the ring.

Joshua, the taller and more powerful of the two, establishes his jab early, keeping Wallin at bay.

Wallin, known for his elusive movement, attempts to find openings and counter. The round ends with Joshua controlling the distance.


AI predicts AJ to dominate the majority of the fight


AI predicts AJ to dominate the majority of the fightCredit: Getty

Round 2

As the second round begins, Wallin starts to show his boxing skills, slipping Joshua’s jabs and landing a few counterpunches.

Joshua, however, remains composed and adjusts his strategy, mixing up his punches and incorporating body shots.

The round is closely contested, with both fighters having their moments.

Round 3

In the third round, Joshua begins to assert his dominance. He lands a powerful right hand that catches Wallin off guard.

Wallin, displaying resilience, weathers the storm and continues to move strategically.

Joshua’s superior power and precision become more evident as the round progresses.

Round 4

The pace quickens in the fourth round as Joshua increases the pressure. He connects with a combination that momentarily staggers Wallin.

Sensing an opportunity, Joshua presses forward, but Wallin expertly clinches and regains his composure.

The round ends with both fighters showing signs of the battle.


Round 5

As the midpoint of the fight approaches, Wallin showcases his boxing skills, landing jabs and moving effectively.

Joshua, undeterred, continues to stalk his opponent, looking for opportunities to unleash his power shots.

The round concludes with both fighters displaying their strengths.

Round 6

In the sixth round, Joshua’s power becomes a significant factor. He lands a thunderous uppercut that sends Wallin reeling.

Wallin, however, showcases his heart and determination by staying on his feet and clinching to survive the round.

The crowd is on its feet, appreciating the back-and-forth action.

Wallin could struggle to handle AJ's strength and power


Wallin could struggle to handle AJ’s strength and powerCredit: Getty

Round 7

Wallin, aware of the urgency, comes out aggressively in the seventh round.

He manages to land some effective combinations, surprising Joshua with his speed and accuracy.

Joshua, composed and focused, responds with powerful hooks. The round ends with both fighters exchanging in the centre of the ring.

Round 8

The eighth round sees Joshua regaining control. He utilises his jab effectively and follows up with powerful right hands.

Wallin, showing signs of fatigue, continues to fight back but struggles to withstand Joshua’s onslaught.

The round ends with Joshua in command.

Round 9

In the ninth round, Joshua smells victory and intensifies his assault. He lands a series of devastating body shots that weaken Wallin.

Sensing the opportunity for a knockout, Joshua unleashes a barrage of punches, prompting the referee to step in and stop the fight.

Anthony Joshua is declared the winner by TKO in the ninth round.

AI predicts Joshua to win via TKO


AI predicts Joshua to win via TKOCredit: Getty

Both fighters show respect for each other in the post-fight exchange, acknowledging the toughness and skill they each brought to the ring.

The simulated bout between Anthony Joshua and Otto Wallin ends with Joshua emerging victorious, showcasing his combination of power and skill in the heavyweight division.




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