Factors To Consider While Switching To 8×8 Unified Communications

Factors To Consider While Switching To 8×8 Unified Communications


It is not hidden anymore that Unified communication solutions have become a raging topic of discussion for companies of all sizes.

Unified communications is a must-have for business, be it small or large!

If you are considering switching to a UC solution, for instance, 8×8 Unified Communications, you must consider several factors like services, processes, and people.

A UC solution is not a single product but a collection of technologies that provide an excellent user experience.

A 2006 Harvard study showed that even elite heart surgeons perform better when backed by a trusted and supportive team.

Thus, it is crucial to understand your needs before you move forward toward finding the right solution.

Keep reading to get a better understanding of Unified Communications Technology.

What Is Unified Communications Technology?

Unified Communications technology is a tech that simplifies the communication process by providing a unified means of messaging system.

Instead of juggling from one app to another for communication, individuals with the UC system have a single platform and inbox.

All messages, including texts, emails, voicemails, and faxes coverage in one inbox accessible on any computer or mobile device.

UC technology enhances flexibility by allowing users to receive messages in their preferred format anytime.

Moreover, Unified Communications facilitates seamless connections between team members and clients across different platforms.

Factors To Consider:

Switching to 8×8 Unified Communications is a significant move but requires a little work before the shift.

Here’s a list of the essential factors you should consider:

Security is a crucial factor to prioritize when implementing 8×8 communications. It is not just about setting up a firewall – it involves planning from the start.

You need to ensure that there are multiple layers of defense to protect your network from various threats, both known and unknown.

For all businesses, security should be a top priority in order to avoid severe consequences from potential breaches.

To find the best partner for your business in the world of Managed IT and UC systems, consider key factors like customer support, technical knowledge, and industry expertise.

The right partner will guide you through every step, providing a tailored strategy to plan, design, implement, deploy, and activities to perform post-deployment.

  • Flexibility And Scalability

The beauty of transitioning to 8×8 UC is the ability to do it at your own pace. You don’t need to make the switch all at once.

Implementing Unified Communications gradually allows you to align it with your business goals while addressing the immediate needs and easing operational pain points.

Make sure your chosen partner understands your scalability needs for future business growth.

  • Understand Your Network Infrastructure

Implementation of 8×8 communications requires a deep understanding of your network infrastructure.

Both your partner and your IT team must be well-versed in what infrastructure and architecture can best meet your business needs.

Regardless of what architectural model you choose, discussing scalable options with your UC as a Service partner ensures you get the most out of your new Unified Communication solution.

Ultimately, make sure to consider these factors for a smooth transition to a communication system that benefits your business.

Why 8×8?

Choosing 8×8 in Australis for Unified Communications brings several advantages:

  • Easy setup and customization
  • Cross-device and geographic accessibility
  • Team chats for enhanced cohesion
  • Mobile integration for remote work
  • All-in-One communication system
  • Public and private chat settings
  • Collaboration in the cloud

Final Words

The decision to switch to 8×8 Unified Communications represents a strategic move towards enhancing your organization’s communication ecosystem.

As you step on this journey, leverage the provided insights to make informed decisions that align with your organization’s goals!




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