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Male boxer controversially posts clip of himself brutally flooring Claressa Shields – but she claims he played dirty

BOXER Arturs Ahmetovs has posted a video of himself controversially dropping women champion Claressa Shields in sparring.

Ahmetovs uploaded a clip of Shields accusing an unnamed Russian sparring partner of taking padding out of his gloves.


Arturs Ahmetovs has posted a video of himself controversially dropping women champion Claressa ShieldsCredit: Arturs Ahmetovs – X
Shields was floored after a combination


Shields was floored after a combinationCredit: Arturs Ahmetovs – X

In a follow up video, it shows three-division champion Shields being floored with a left hook and left on her back.

The two-time Olympian responded to the video on X, formerly Twitter, where she doubled down on the padding accusation.

She wrote: “I’ve never been Ko’d in 17 years and I’ve been dropped 2x all in a week of each other. I have no shame in that.

“But for a male fighter to literally take the padding out his gloves, he’s a punk. Him and coach Derrick Santos are bad for the sport!”

She added: “I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want my opponent to have information of me getting dropped leading up to my fight.

“But why keep a video hidden for 5 years and you so big and bad.”

Ahmetovs’ coach Santos denied Shields’ accusations in the Instagram comment section.

He replied: “She is full of s*** they asked for help to spar why would we want to spar a women?


“No one took padding out of the gloves. After she was accusing of this the gloves were handed to her coach.

“But more importantly she sparred 2 rounds prior where the Artur was instructed not to hit her hard, while he was working with her she started talking mad s*** at him and fouling him to point she tripped him.

“In the break he said what the is going on here, we are trying to help she is a women.

“What was replied was well punch her back , she is a big girl multi time champ. He even tried to help her up, nobody wanted that to happen.

“This also happened years ago and obviously the video was kept never seen.

“Even through all the comments of she would beat a guy, nothing was said derogatory towards her or spoken of this moment.

“That was done out of respect for her and nothing to be gained out of what happens in a sparring.

“Now she went to talking and he posted it. Now this is going to go around. Was it him? Or did she do it to herself?

“Years now. Even her coach said you had your chin up and got caught.”

Ahmetovs holds a 6-1 record and has not fought since 2020.

Shields – who calls herself the Greatest Women of All Time – is 14-0 and in June retained her undisputed middleweight titles.

Arturs Ahmetovs is a 6-1 boxer


Arturs Ahmetovs is a 6-1 boxerCredit: @arturkah
Claressa Shields is a three-weight world champion


Claressa Shields is a three-weight world championCredit: Getty


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