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World’s Sexiest Swimmer Andreea Dragoi Swims Fast In New Video

Andreea Dragoi shows off her talent in a new Instagram video!

The SJSU swimmer gave followers something to talk about this week when she shared an impressive video. Dragoi showcased her swimming skills while clad in a tight swimsuit.

Andreea Dragoi’s Bright Swimsuit

Instagram | Andreea Dragoi

The 20-year-old sported a revealing one-piece boasting a blue base with green smiley prints that complemented her flawlessly tanned complexion. It had halter-style straps helping to accentuate her toned arms and shoulders. The scoop neckline, meanwhile, showcased her décolletage.

Dragoi’s swimwear proceeded to cinch in at her waist, highlighting her flat tummy and hourglass silhouette. Its daringly high-cut design left the athlete’s curvy hips and sculpted pins completely bare for her fans to admire. Also of note was the swimwear’s thong cut that bared her perky backside.

Perfect Strokes

The clip saw Dragoi swimming in the pool and away from the camera. In the next segment, she did butterfly strokes while approaching the edge of the pool.

The swimmer sported black goggles and a yellow head cap.

“Wednesday butterfly 🦋” Dragoi wrote in the caption.

Fans Are Impressed

Andreea Dragoi sitting on the edge of the pool.
Instagram | Andreea Dragoi

The share has racked up plenty of likes since going live on Instagram. It also accrued dozens of comments from devotees who dropped compliments and emojis.

“Beautiful AND talented?! Bye😍😍😍😍😍” wrote model Taylor Laffey.

“Very impressive ♥️ way to go,” added another follower.

“Wow that’s a real mermaid!” noted the third supporter.

“Beauty – on! Work – on! Bfly – on! What a girl!” remarked the fourth admirer.

Meanwhile, a different user labeled Dragoi “Speedy Barbie.”

Andreea Dragoi Dubbed ‘The Olivia Dunne Of The Pool’

Andreea Dragoi sits on the ledge of a swimming pool while rocking a sequin bikini.
Instagram | Andreea Dragoi

The Romanian native stands out as one of the most-followed NCAA swimmers on Instagram. This summer, she made an appearance at New York Swim Week and walked the runway at the city’s Fashion Week earlier this month.

Dragoi’s fame earned her nicknames, such as “World’s Sexiest Swimmer” and “The Olivia Dunne of the Pool.”

Despite her strong online presence, the swimmer is still unable to profit from her name, image, or likeness (NIL) due to visa laws.

Visa Restrictions

Andreea Dragoi holding a red rescue tube while on Lifeguard duty in a gold bikini top and red shorts.
Instagram | Andreea Dragoi

As reported by Yahoo, Dragoi faces a limitation in pursuing endorsements because of F-1 visa regulations. The current laws prohibit international students from monetizing their image or likeness while residing in the United States. Although international athletes can engage in collective marketing endeavors where a third party manages these activities, independently promoting products on social media may jeopardize their visa status.

While students are permitted to partake in campaigns in other countries, they are restricted from signing with a talent agency. Consequently, Dragoi bears the responsibility of coordinating any endorsements outside of the U.S. on her own.

Andreea Dragoi Claims She Manages Her Own Career

Andreea Dragoi posing for the camera in a white swimsuit and faux wings.
Instagram | Andreea Dragoi

“I’m doing it all on my own,” Dragoi told SwimSwam. “It made me learn a lot from the process and how to manage everything. Everyone thinks I have a [management] team behind me at this point, and I’m like, ‘Nope.’”

Dragoi supports herself by working 20 hours each week as a lifeguard at San Jose State, as it’s the “only job” she can take while being an international student.

“Everyone’s like, ‘Oh my god, she’s a lifeguard.’ But the thing is, I have no other choice. It’s the only job that I can do, being on campus, because of my visa,” Dragoi explained.

“It’s hustle after hustle after hustle that would be made a lot easier if we could monetize our NIL. Life here is so expensive,” she added.


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