Ezra Alvarez: In Loving Memory of a Bright Young Soul

Ezra Alvarez: In Loving Memory of a Bright Young Soul


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Ezra Alvarez, well known by his nickname “Ezy,” passed very suddenly on February 14, 2023, in his home in Derry, New Hampshire, at the age of sixteen. We honor the life of Ezra Alvarez, a young man whose presence impacted many, with this memorial.

Early Life and Background

Ezra entered the world on April 14 and grew up in the loving arms of his family in Derry, New Hampshire. He always had an insatiable appetite for learning and took to new situations with enthusiasm. His early years were marked by an intense curiosity and a passion for adventure.

Life’s Journey

Ezra was an all-around gifted guy who relished the chance to perform music and explore the great outdoors. His academic and personal successes skyrocketed as he got older, a reflection of his hard work and enthusiasm for the things that most to him. Ezra Alvarez stood out from the crowd in several ways.

Contributions and Impact

Ezra, although being so young, had a profound effect on his hometown. His warm personality and genuine kindness won him many lifelong friends. Ezra Alvarez was a good friend and an example of generosity toward others. He made an unforgettable impression in the short time he was with us.

Final Moments and Passing

Everyone who knew and loved Ezra was devastated by his unexpected death. The hole he’s left behind is incalculable. We rally around one other, drawing strength from one another and remembering the good moments we had with him as we face this difficult time.

Funeral and Memorial Details

There will be a memorial service held for Ezra Alvarez. There will be a gathering of loved ones to remember the good times they had with him. More gatherings will provide people more chances to honor Ezra in their own special ways, guaranteeing that his legacy will endure.

Remembering the Legacy

The memory of Ezra is preserved in their hearts. His legacy lives on via the stories told of his generosity and the happiness he offered to others. His legacy lives on in the kindness he inspired, and while he is no longer physically there, we are reminded to treat others well and to cherish the time we spent with him.


ezra alvarez obituary derry nh

Although Ezra Alvarez only lived a short time, his legacy lives on. Everyone he met was changed by his generosity, dedication, and enthusiasm for life. As we say goodbye to this extraordinary young man, we pledge to honor his memory by modeling his generosity and holding dear the wonderful times we enjoyed with him. Ezra Alvarez’s legacy will live on in our hearts, giving us hope in the face of life’s challenges.





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