Jenna Dewan Partners With Wells Fargo Organize Her Finances

Jenna Dewan Partners With Wells Fargo Organize Her Finances


Actress and mom Jenna Dewan knows how important it is to keep her household running steady and organized, especially during back-to-school time.

She recently partnered with Wells Fargo to share how their Fargo virtual assistant can help keep her finances organized and on track during a busy time of year. As a busy business woman and mom of two, she finds peace in knowing that Fargo is there to help in the important area of finances – not only her household’s but also when teaching her children about the importance of budgeting and saving.

Jenna Dewan LOVES Using Fargo To Help Keep Her Finances Organized Without Stress

Jenna Dewan
Contributed Photo – Dennis Leupold

Dewan, who claims to not be organized or tech savvy, said that Fargo “is clearly changing my life.”

“Immediately, I was obsessed with this. I am really not a very organized person. It does not come easy for me so having this virtual assistant that’s gonna make my banking and my financial wellbeing that much easier and simple and it has this intuitive quality to it,” she told The Blast exclusively. 

“It has really just changed a lot for me and made life and planning your financial planning and banking and everything all over so much easier for me.”

Dewan realized that since it’s working wonders for her and she was immediately hooked, that many others could benefit from the virtual assistant too, especially people who are balancing many things in life. And being tech savvy isn’t something that’s required to get the most out of Fargo.

I thought this is really gonna change the game for a lot of people, even just someone like me who is balancing a lot of things, who’s also not naturally very organized in that way, but I just found it to be so helpful and essential for busy mothers, for really anyone and it’s just really, really great addition to my life,” she explained. “

I am not at all tech savvy. There’s like an actual joke in my family that I have gremlins that mess with me or something because I touch something technological and something goes wrong. It’s that sort of a vibe. So for me, it’s so easy and simple.”

Jenna Dewan

The beauty of the app is that tons of questions aren’t necessary to figure out how to make it work. Dewan called it, “intuitive.”

It’s really intuitive, and because you can ask it questions and find out things from everything from ‘What are my recent Amazon purchases’ to ‘Can you show me what the balance is?’” she said. “Anything! It’s easy, simple, there’s not 4,000 steps, and I love it.” 

The dancer is also thinking about her children’s futures and teaching them how to properly organize their finances with budgeting, saving and healthy spending habits.

I think about when my kids are older to just help them with financial planning and saving. Having something that’s gonna make it a little bit easier than how I had it obviously growing up, even budgeting, there’s so much financial health and wellbeing that’s wrapped up in this that makes it easier,” she explained. 

“They’re both really young, but I do think with Everly [her 10-year-old daughter] especially, starting to create the idea of having a budget and how to spend wisely and how to use what you have wisely, and we’ve done that a few times especially when she earns a little bit of money.”

Jenna Dewan and family
Jenna Dewan – Instagram

Everly recently did a lemonade stand and earned some money from it, so Dewan took the opportunity to start discussing the importance of good financial habits.

“She did a lemonade stand recently and earned so much money off this lemonade stand. She’s very persuasive; Irish dancing for the people that drove by,” she said. “Getting this sum of money and she’s like ‘What do I do?’ So this is like a great time to talk about financial planning, so she ends up donating a lot of it to her dance studio and she had a little it left and she’s like ‘How can I use this?’ so we talked about how would you budget this?”

Back To School Time Can Be Hectic, But Jenna Dewan Has It Under Control!

Jenna Dewan

For any parent, back-to-school time can mean adjusting schedules, hectic mornings, and a little bit of chaos thrown in that can wreak havoc on the household. Dewan’s house is no different. With both of her children, Everly, 10 and Callum, 3, going back to school, Dewan prepared as best she could to make sure everything went smoothly, calling back-to-school time, “fun, chaotic, wonderful,” with a little sarcasm thrown in.

It actually was okay though this year,” she said. “I was planning ahead so I had a lot ready to go. It flowed better than a lot of other years.”

Dewan shared a glimpse inside of her kids’ first day of school chaos on Instagram, as many parents around the world could relate.

A carousel of photos and videos captioned, “Instagram vs reality, back to school edition. If my kids teachers are seeing this, THANK YOU,” shares a look at how the first day of school went for her family, and many could relate.

“Crying and running into walls is pretty much how our mornings go around here as well! 😂 ❤️” one follower wrote. Another added, “It’s good to know I’m not alone. 😩🥴”

She also shared a carousel of photos reminiscing about previous back-to-school moments.

“It’s all just everything, 💕” one follower shared. Another follower shared some advice about what’s to come, “Been there and done that. Best advice is to soak in and cherish every single moment, which you seem to do already. Just wait until they leave for college (or the military in my case)…it’s not pretty. I found myself locked in my bathroom UGLY crying. Keep on being the devoted mama that you are. ❤️”




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