Why Should I Have a Leased Line?

Why Should I Have a Leased Line?


A leased line is a dedicated internet connection which uses fibre cables to connect your business directly to the exchange. It is not affected by other users or line congestion meaning that it can offer incredibly fast speeds which are guaranteed.

But it’s not just about speed, a leased line delivers many other benefits too.


The days of lethargic internet connections are now long gone, thanks to ultrafast fibre connectivity solutions. Many businesses rely on their connections for email access, remote working and data transfer processes, as well as cloud storage and telephony services.

A leased line offers symmetrical download and upload speeds, meaning you get exactly the speed you pay for. This makes it ideal for businesses reliant on the transfer of large amounts of data, such as those in the financial sector or those who use a bespoke CRM system.

The main difference between a leased line and broadband is that it’s not shared, so peak times and heavy network load do not impact the speed of your connection. This is particularly important for businesses that rely on bandwidth-intensive processes, such as offsite data backups or VoIP telephony. It also means that businesses can work without interruption, which is critical for productivity. The result is that a leased line can offer high-speed connectivity with guaranteed levels of reliability and security.


If you’re a business that relies on the internet to exchange large files with clients, host video conferences or use bandwidth-hungry services like VoIP telephony, then a reliable connection is essential. With a leased line you can enjoy uncontended speeds day and night, which means a stable and consistent connection that won’t slow down or crash at peak times.

In addition, a leased-line provides symmetrical downloading and uploading speeds, which is crucial for businesses that regularly use data-heavy digital services like offsite backups or VoIP telephony. The reliability of a leased line also enables you to implement more data-heavy, high-demand services and nurture your growth without worrying about a sudden drop in your internet speed.

A standard internet connection can often suffer from latency issues causing downloads to buffer, and this can have a detrimental effect on team productivity and customer service. A leased line eliminates these issues by providing a fast and reliable internet connection that delivers the speed your business needs.


Whether you’re a FinTech helping to enable financial transactions, an e-commerce business enabling sales or a design agency regularly transferring high-resolution images and videos, a leased line can be tailored to your business needs by offering a range of bearer sizes up to 1Gbps (Gigabit per second). Providing the opportunity to scale up or down bandwidth at short notice, a leased line ensures your business connectivity is always able to meet your current and future data transfer requirements.

A leased line is also a great choice for customers who want symmetrical speeds, which means that uploads and downloads are treated equally. This is important for businesses that rely on video conferencing and cloud based applications, which often require higher upload speeds. Finally, a leased line can be supplied with a service level agreement, which can include compensation in the event of a fault. This is more than you can expect from most consumer internet connections, which only offer limited compensation in these circumstances.


Since leased lines are completely dedicated to your business, they eliminate the risk of data breaches or interference from other users. As a result, you can get incredibly fast internet speeds of up to 1Gbps.

You’ll also benefit from lower latency when using a leased line, which is perfect for those looking to implement bandwidth-hungry services like high quality VoIP telephony into their businesses. This will reduce the number of interruptions during a call or when uploading or downloading large files.

With a leased line, your provider will be contractually obliged to ensure your business experiences minimal downtime – if this fails to occur, you’ll receive compensation. As a result, a leasedline is the best option for those looking to grow their business with a reliable, fast and secure internet connection. For more information, get in touch with a professional IT support company. They’ll be able to help you find the right package for your business’s needs.





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