The Eminence in Shadow 2nd Season: New Cast, Visuals, and October 4 Premiere Date

The Eminence in Shadow 2nd Season: New Cast, Visuals, and October 4 Premiere Date


The creative team behind “The Eminence in Shadow” (Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute!), Daisuke Aizawa’s amazing light book series, has revealed intriguing revelations that have fans on the edge of their seats for the highly anticipated second season. It’s reasonable to say that this season promises to be a game-changer with to new cast members, an intriguing key visual, and the eagerly anticipated release date of October 4th.

Meet the New Cast

The anime enthusiasts have even more reasons to rejoice as the second season introduces two talented voice actors to the mix:

  • Saori Hayami as Elisabeth
  • Miku Itō as 559

With such impressive additions to the cast, fans can expect a fresh layer of depth and emotion in the upcoming season’s performances.

Key Visual revealed

Accompanying the cast announcements is the release of a stunning key visual that offers a glimpse into the mysterious and captivating world of “The Eminence in Shadow.” This visual is a testament to the dedication of the animation team, and it’s bound to pique the curiosity of both existing fans and newcomers alike.

Premiere Date Revealed

Mark your calendars for October 4th at 10:30 p.m. JST, as that’s when “The Eminence in Shadow 2nd Season” is set to premiere on AT-X. Following its initial airing, the anime will be available on various networks, ensuring that fans around the world can join in on the excitement.

A Global Premiere

In a unique move, HIDIVE and Kadokawa treated fans to a world premiere screening of the anime at Anime Expo on July 1 earlier this year. This early sneak peek generated considerable buzz and heightened anticipation for the upcoming season. Fans will be delighted to learn that the second season will consist of 12 episodes, offering an extended journey into the captivating storyline. The main staff, responsible for the success of the first season, is making a triumphant return at the esteemed studio Nexus.

Musical Magic

Music plays an integral role in any anime, and “The Eminence in Shadow 2nd Season” doesn’t disappoint. The talented music duo OxT is back to perform the opening theme song, titled “grayscale dominator.” Their contribution promises to set the tone for the season and enhance the overall viewing experience.

A Recap of the First Season

For those who might have missed the first season, it premiered in October 2022 and concluded on February 15. This means that there’s ample time to catch up on the story before diving into the new season’s mysteries and adventures.

The Story Unfolds

HIDIVE provides an intriguing glimpse into the plot of “The Eminence in Shadow”:

The role of the flamboyant, in-your-face hero or the cunning, mustache-twirling villain with larger-than-life panache just isn’t right for everyone. Instead, they sneak around and manipulate society with their cunning and wit. When Cid is sent to a new realm, he wishes to take on that position. Cid tells a few fantastic tales and ends up as the improbable commander of the shadowy Shadow Garden group, which battles a dangerous cult that he completely invented. The cult he invented truly exists, and they are beyond angry that his power fantasy just got in the way of their nefarious intentions! But there’s a catch that even his wild imagination didn’t see coming.

The Creative Team

Kazuya Nakanishi, best renowned for his work on “Darwin’s Game,” is in good hands as the anime’s director at Nexus. Tzai’s original character designs are being adapted for animation by Makoto Iino, best known for the animated films “Demon Lord, Retry!” and “Suppose a Kid From the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter Town.” Kanichi Katou, whose works include “Black Clover” and “Those Snow White Notes,” is in charge of the series scripts, guaranteeing an engrossing story. Kenichiro Suehiro is the music’s composer.

Expanding Universe

The popularity of “The Eminence in Shadow” extends beyond the anime. Yen Press has secured licenses for both the light novels and the manga adaptation, allowing fans to delve deeper into the captivating world created by Daisuke Aizawa.

The Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden Game

The “The Eminence in Shadow: Master of Garden” video game was released in November 2022 for iOS, Android, and PC to further engross followers in this extraordinary realm. English-language rendition of the game by Crunchyroll Games gives players an interactive experience.

The anticipation among fans of anime is growing as the release of “The Eminence in Shadow”‘s second season draws near. This season of anime is positioned to have a huge effect because to its superb cast, outstanding visuals, and fascinating plot. The adventure on October 4th is waiting for you, so don’t miss it!

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