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Luis Rubiales could get 15-YEAR ban as Spanish Football Federation tell him to resign

FIFA will reportedly push for Luis Rubiales to be banned from all football for 15 years after the Spanish Football Federation withdrew its support for him.

The 46-year-old has been widely criticised kissing Spain’s Jenni Hermoso after the Women’s World Cup final, the player later saying it was not consensual.


Rubiales kissed Hermoso during the celebrations of their World Cup victory, leading to a storm in the days sinceCredit: TWITTER:@SHESCORESBANGERS

He was initially backed by the federation but has now been told to stand down in a dramatic U-turn, the organisation saying his ‘unacceptable’ behaviour had caused ‘grave harm to the image of Spanish football’.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reports that FIFA are pushing for a ban for Rubiales of up to 15 years – the maximum permitted by their statutes.

Meanwhile, prosecutors at Spain’s top criminal court are looking into whether his kiss on Jenni Hermoso after the Women’s World Cup final amounts to a crime of sexual assault.

He is facing the investigation in light of the ‘unequivocal nature’ of Hermoso’s statements, saying it was necessary ‘to determine their legal significance’.

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“Given the public statements made by Jennifer Hermoso, the sexual act she was subjected to by Luis Rubiales was not consensual,” a statement said.

Hermoso will be offered the option of legal action and will have the chance to contact National Court prosecutors within 15 days for information about her rights as a victim of an alleged sexual assault should she wish to file a complaint.

The statement added: “In order to proceed with a case for sexual assault, harassment or sexual abuse, it will be necessary for the injured party or their legal representative to file suit, or the public prosecutors’ office.”

Rubiales was suspended by FIFA for 90 days on Saturday, a day after he vowed not to resign in an impassioned speech.

The walls appear to be closing in on Rubiales


The walls appear to be closing in on Rubiales

Rubialies, the RFEF and its officials and employees have been ordered not to attempt to contact Hermoso, who the RFEF had threatened with legal action earlier on Saturday.

It was reported on Monday that Rubiales’ mother, Angeles Bejar, has locked herself in a church in Motril on the Spanish south coast – where Rubiales was raised – and has also gone on hunger strike because of the ‘inhuman hunt’ against him.

“They are doing with my son with something he does not deserve,” she said. “He is incapable of hurting anyone.”

As well as kissing Hermoso, Rubiales has come under fire for a string of inappropriate moments at the World Cup final.

Many have shown solidarity with Hermoso in light of the incident


Many have shown solidarity with Hermoso in light of the incident

He was spotted grabbing his crotch in the company of Queen Letizia and her teenage daughter as Spain beat England.

And on the pitch, he was seen parading on the pitch carrying Spanish players over his shoulder.

Spain women’s coaching staff all resigned in protest over Rubiales and his actions, leaving manager Jorge Vilda standing on his own.


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